The Bakery

 The Bakery: “What comes close to the fragrance of freshly baked bread”?

 The Reputation of our Bakery is based on professional expertise, know how, experience and best practice, use of quality raw material, exact following of well balanced recipes and appropriate portioning of all Bakery and Artisan Bakery Products.

 Breads & Artisan Bakery Products

We are in particular proud of our ‘Artisan special product line’. The use of a special oven enables us to produce even better quality breads and fine bakeries, which puts us way beyond any of our competitors.

 Artisan Bread Products

* Artisan Bread *

Campagne, Multi cereal, Nordlander, Rye - Sour Dough - Dark, Garlic & Herbs, Kraft corn, Walnut & Raisin, Whole Meal & Rye, Fried Onion Brown Bread, Kalamata Brown Bread, Tiger.

 * Baguette *

Kraft corn, Multi Cereal, French Brown, French White, Soya Multi Seeds, Black Olives, Fried Garlic & Mixed Herbs, Sesame black & White, Epic, Wholewheat.

* Special Bread *

Cibatta White/Brown, Foccacia w. Black Olives, Foccacia w. Sundried Tomato, Foccacia w. Zaatar, Foccacia w. Mediterranean Herbs, English Muffin Whole Wheat, English Muffin Plain.


 Chipotle, Nordlander, Plain, Plain with mixed Sesame Seeds,  Potato, Whole Wheat Honey.


 Whole Meal & Rye, Potato, Nordlaender, Carrot & Spinach, Sun Dried Tomato & Olive, Brown Toast, Soya Multi Seeds.

  *Filipino Special Breads *

 A pristine team of Filipino bakers is charged with the production of a multitude of their famous breads, sweet buns and toasts. This kind of bread enjoys a huge popularity with all nationalities residing here in Kuwait.

Filipino Bread Products

Hopia Mongo, Hopia Onion, Mongo Bread, Spanish Bread, Pandesal, Encymada, Filipino Brioche, Pandesosa.