Call them noble rolls or commoner's delights, bagels are not very easy to make. In fact, bagel making is an art. It not only requires high-quality ingredients - flour, yeast, malt and water -- but making a good-tasting bagel, takes a baker with years of experience and excellent culinary skills.

Toppings and fillings depend on each individual taste or shall we say appetite. Everything is allowed, from sweet to sour, from light to super rich, from plain to fine cuisine, it’s in the eye of the beholder and in the freshness of the bagel and ingredients used.  Do enjoy “your” bagel! 

Bagel Products

Whole meal Bagel with Sour Cream & Smoked Salmon

Plain Bagel with Tuna Nicoise

Jalapeno Bagel with Guacamole & Spicy Chicken

Olive Bagel with Chives, Labnah, fresh Garden Vegetables

Parmesan Bagel with Tapenade & Smoked Turkey

Onion Garlic Bagel with Chicken Pesto