The Kitchen


Give me a kitchen, and I will create!

The Kitchen may be conveniently split into Hot & Cold Kitchen; It is the special place in our operation where bread takes on a different meaning, which is then called “Sandwich”! A highly priced commodity in the Kuwaiti Eating Trend Frenzy!

Also to mention is the variety of salads to indulge in. Favorite Hot pasta dishes – pre-packed and portioned, just to reheat in the microwave oven are as well on the palette of our products on offer!



If the Earl of Sandwich only knew what he started!

Nothing comes close to sandwiches made daily to order with freshly baked breads, quality ingredients from fresh vegetables to specially marinated chicken are just some of the finishing touches to a splendid culinary treat. To talk about the sheer abundance in our variety of breads, their sizes, shapes, ingredients and distinct flavorings, would fill more than 1 page, therefore be patient with us if we only mention a few of our Sandwich favorites!


Sandwich Products

Panini with 4 kinds of Cheese

Ciabatta with Lemon marinated Chicken

Multi grain bread with Smoked Turkey & Gouda

Submarine with Halloumi & Lettuce

English Muffin with Turkey Bacon Omelette

Chipotle Brioche with barbequed shredded Beef Tenderloin



The light meal to fork away while reading a journal or watching the news, prepared fresh daily with all hygienic standards meticulously observed, further enhanced with succulent garnishes and a refreshing dressing.


Salads Products

Classical Caesar Salad

Thai Chicken Toss

Traditional Greek Sirtaki

Caribbean Sweet & Sour Calypso

Chicken Avocado Mix

Grilled Vegetables with spicy Chicken strips


Hot Dishes - Pastas & Lunch Boxes

“Bella Italy”! Nowhere else can you get the variety in shape, size and sheer abundance of fragrant ingredients used to make this dishes such a love affair. We pay tribute to that sensation by offering traditional and more sophisticated pasta dishes, which do not lose their al dente appeal when reheated!


Hot Dish, Pasta & Lunch Box Products

Penne Arabiatta with Baby Shrimps

Farfalle with creamed Portobello Mushroom

Tagliatelle with Thyme Chicken, Spinach & Olives

Maccaroni Al Forno

Fettucine with Grilled Vegetables & Red Pepper Pesto

Spaghetti Carbonara


We offer Lunch Meal Boxes for the young, the busy and the convenient. Family or catering style, for school outings, government open air meetings and gatherings, community social events, iftar break donations and many other occasions.