Vienna, the city of Music and countless sweet delights, which came to be known as Viennoiseries, we continue the tradition of these remarkable pastry fineries from the “Back Stubn” of this magnificent city!

Viennoiserie Products

Croissants in all shapes with flavorful toppings & fillings

Danish Pastry, sweet & savoury

Strudel, sweet & savoury

Chausson, sweet & savoury

Fine Brioche, sweet & savoury

Gugel hupf, yeast or marble

Fruit Bread 


* Savoury Danish *


Mushroom & Cheese, Tomato & Mozzarella, Pesto & Parmesan, Fetta & Fresh Spinach, Curried Vegetables, Tuna & Kalamata.


*Savoury Muffins*

Healthy Muffin,Fresh Spinach & Fetta Muffin, Corn & Bacon, Tomato, Fresh herbs & Mozzarella

Kalamata Olives, Smoked turkey & Cheese, 4 Cheese.

*Tea Cakes*

Banana & Chipotle cake,Corn, Bacon & Chipotle, 4 Cheese & Herbs

Spinach, peppers & olives, Guacamole & Mango.

*Savoury Croissants & Chaussons*

Nuts & Raisin, Chocolate, Chocolate & Coconut Powder, Chocolate & Nuts, Lemon Custard, Orange Custard, Cherry & Custard, Apple & Custard, Strawberry & Custard, Blueberry & Custard, Almond, Plain, White Cheese, Yellow Cheese, Zaatar.